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Information about the "Surviving Sepsis" Association The "Surviving Sepsis" Association was founded in Wroclaw on 15 January 2005. The main goals of the Association are to:

  1. Raise the awareness, understanding and knowledge of health care professionals, public administration, representatives of science and industry, and the general public about the health risks associated with sepsis.
  2. Take action to achieve interdisciplinary integration of scientific and medical cooperation in the study and treatment of sepsis.


The Association performs these tasks through:

  1. Carrying out information and publishing work focusing on the current state of knowledge and perception of sepsis and its health effects.
    Organizing and conducting training courses, workshops, conferences and other forms of information and education actions to improve the organization and practice of sepsis treatment.
  2. Taking action to develop a national health policy for early diagnosis, effective treatment and rehabilitation in sepsis.
    Presenting opinions and filing applications to all authorities and institutions that have influence on health policy, scientific research and clinical practice in the study and treatment of sepsis.
  3. Expressing opinions and rendering advice to patients suffering from sepsis or its consequences and their families.
  4. Conducting and supporting scientific research on sepsis and related disciplines.
  5. Granting awards and scholarships for outstanding cognitive and professional achievements in the study and treatment of sepsis, and organizing events promoting the targets of the Association.
  6. Cooperating with other governmental and non-governmental, national and international organizations and associations having similar targets of their activities.
  7. Raising funds through donations and grants to achieve the goals of the Association.
  8. Organizing and conducting business in accordance with applicable regulations.
  9. Other forms of activity in accordance with applicable law.


The Association has organized many conferences, courses and training sessions, including the annual symposia in the Książ Castle. The Association has been supporting scientific research and exchange, in particular with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. It has financed speeches and presentations of Polish researchers at conventions and conferences.


Currently, the Association is one of the organizers of the 1st Polish Congress on "Surviving Sepsis”.

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